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Services Offered

Half-Day Golf Fitness Performance (4 hours)

The Half Day Fitness Performance begins with a biomechanical analysis of the body.
This is then followed by a 90minute session with the fitness professional. A tailored
specific program incorporating exercises and stretches upon the findings of the
evaluation is performed. Aspects of swing mechanics and nutrition are also
addressed in length.

A personalized take home binder of the findings and customized fitness routine
completes the session.

Biomechanical Evaluation

This introductory session begins with a complete analysis of the body determining structural and muscular imbalances. This is then adapted to the mechanics of the individual's sport and how the biomechanical findings inhibit the body within certain positions/movements. Specific exercises/stretches are then prescribed to correct the findings of the evaluation.

Athletic Training Session

All aspects of sports specific training are covered, stability, balance, strength, speed, and flexibility. Depending on the athlete, and time of season, different phases of training may be implemented.

(Partner training is also available with the approval of the fitness professional)

Physical Conditioning Session

Session is designed around meeting the desired goals and needs of the client.

Nutritional Counseling

An brief evaluation and take home questionnaire proceeds the session. Factors that involve maintaining steady blood sugar levels are addressed and guidance is given based on the individual's general metabolic type. Learning how to properly combine types of food in order to create sustained energy is the main focus of this counseling.


This program revolves around complete head to toe stretching of the body manually performed by the fitness professional. AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) techniques will be demonstrated as well as other aspects such as foam rollers, lumbar extenders, massage sticks, and stability balls may be incorporated.

Her roster of professional tour players is as follows:

LPGA Helen Alfredsson

LPGA Na Yeon Choi

LPGA Laura Diaz

LPGA Sophie Gustafson

LPGA Maria Horth


LPGA Jeong Jang

LPGA Eun Hee Ji

LPGA Young Jo

LPGA Haeji Kang

LPGA Christina Kim

LPGA Joo Mi Kim

LPGA Mi Hyun Kim

LPGA Song Hee Kim


LPGA Young Kim

LPGA Jeahae Lee

LPGA Jee Young Lee

LPGA Meena Lee

LPGA Brittany Lincicome

LPGA Virada Nirapathponporn

LPGA Ryann O'Toole

LPGA Jin Young Pak

LPGA Angela Park

LPGA Hee Kyung Seo

LPGA Jenny Shin

LPGA Aree Song

LPGA Jennifer Song

LPGA Yani Tseng

LPGA Amy Yang

PGA Brian Davis

PGA Tripp Isenhour

PGA Paul Gow




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