Andrea Doddato sought out fitness while growing up in order to change her body composition and gain a competitive edge in sports. This passion for conditioning has enabled her to grow to be one of the world's foremost experts in golf fitness having over 20 years in the industry, training over 45 tour players and aiding in over 40 professional tour wins.

She is an energetic fitness professional with progressive accomplishments in developing regimented personal training programs. Has extensive experience in biomechanics, and makes diligent efforts to create unique programs catering to any person or athlete. Andrea has been featured on ESPN, The Golf Channel, Golf Week, Golf Week for Her, and has been an Advisory Board Member and contributor for Golf Fitness magazine. She is a TPI Golf Fitness Expert, Speaker, Presenter, and TPI certified Golf, Junior Golf and Power Coach, CHEK Golf Biomechanic, FMS II, and AIS (Active Isolated Stretching). Educated at the Georgia State University and certified through the American Council Exercise (ACE)

Outside of the golf world Andrea has helped change lives of thousands through fitness training, post physical therapy and nutritional counseling.